About Us

Mission: To provide a source and to help any automotive businesses create revenue by selling and or buying parts from other shops in your community, state or across the world. Designed for the industry or “wholesale” only, not for the retail public so you eliminate the questions about fitment headaches.

Concept was born:   Every shop has used parts, portions of fenders, quarter panels,  or new stock sitting on the shelf that you don’t want to throw away because it is useful to someone. If is a single wheel or a Uniside to a Camaro and only part of it is used in a repair, the remaining part is useful to someone. Simple problem – Simple solution, sell them to other professionals who need those parts.

Our Goal:  Create a website to help automotive businesses like yours list, sell and buy parts that are no longer needed by you and wanted by someone else, but in great condition.

Our History- I am a member of the automotive business community who saw a need to connect businesses with each other to create revenue and bring the old parts off the shelves.

Enjoy Our Site, the Staff @ AutoProConnect.com

Community- Coming Soon