Why AutoProConnect.com?

Simply, we want to help you sell or buy used parts from other automotive professionals like you. The benefit is the ability to get exactly what the picture shows at a price you negotiate with the other party as they are industry professionals just like you.

Who can buy and sell on the site? 

Automotive businesses /automotive industry only. Garages, Collision repair shops, Tire Stores, RV repair shops, Heavy Truck & Semi repair, marine repair.

What does it take to register?

Registration is easy. Go to the registration page enter your email address and business information to start selling and buying.

What payment does they website take to list parts?

To list parts, simply register, and we take payment thru PayPal.

Is there a fee to register?

No fee to register and browse the site. We charge only sellers with a flat monthly listing fee.

Who can register to sell?

Any type of automotive business can sell. Body Shops, Auto Repair Shops, RV Parts Stores, Wheel stores, Speed Shops, Transmission shops, Forklift repair shops, – any automotive based business.

What is the fee to sell each part?

Here at AutoProConnect.com we came up with a low monthly selling fee – not a per item fee. Current monthly listing special is $17.00 per month, with unlimited listings.

What do I get for the selling fee?

You will get nationwide exposure to sell any automotive part or equipment to businesses similar to yours! All for one low monthly fee.

Does the site have a seller and buyer rating system? 

We do have a rating system so you can be sure you get the best possible transaction either across town or across the country as well as a testimonial site.

Is there a buyer’s fee?

No fee to buy or belong. You simply need to register your business and you deal directly with the seller. AutoProConnect.com takes NO Fee from the buyer

How long does the part stay on the web site once listed?

You can leave the part on the site as long as you wish. Remember, one low monthly fee allows you to sell as many items for as long as you like.

How many parts can I list at one time?

No limit to the number of parts. That’s the great thing about AutoProConnect.com, unlimited listing.

 Can I sell brand new parts?

You can sell New-Old stock but our objective here at AutoProConnect.com is to help you move those used parts and leave the new parts sales to the big box auto part retailers.

Can I wholesale parts?

The great thing about AutoProConnect.com is you set the price for the item. You want to wholesale price it or reduce it, you can. This site is to help you sell your used items to those shops that would not normally have exposure to you.

I own an automotive recycling yard; can I sell on this site?

Thank you for your interest but this site is for the shop that is not in the business to retail new or used parts, but designed to help automotive businesses to prosper thru the sale of their old stock or used parts.

What if I have technical issues, who do I contact?

Simply send an email to support@AutoProConnect.com and we will respond ASAP.

How do I handle a return with a seller? We understand that we won’t have 100% satisfaction with our buyers and sellers. Hopefully you can resolve the issue directly with the seller or buyer on your own, or worst case, if you paid them thru PayPal you can dispute with them. Our goal is provide the freedom of listing your parts or equipment to help you profit and create an ease to deal with other professionals like yourself.

How do I resolve an issue with a buyer or seller?

We are here to assist but you will need to follow the protocol listed below and this will help speed up the communication with the other party. No one wants a 3rd party to be involved and we are here to suggest other ideas if needed. Send us an email to info@AutoProConnect.com